Electronic Indie Pop

with a dash of Psychadelic feels

It is hard to fit the music of Avdrav in a tidy little box. That is because he lets his mind roam free when he enters into the studio. Much like Kraftwerk & Brian Eno who revolutionized the world of electronic music, he is building a career that is moving forward at a rapid rate. Also influenced by The Beatles, Jon Hopkins & Postal Service, there is still that elemental structure to the magic he creates.

As with many artists, the pandemic really gave Avdrav the opportunity to dive deep into himself & the recording studio to deliver sumptuous & elastic songs. Since 2020 he has released countless singles, two albums with more to see the light of day in 2023. Embraced by his signature vocals and deep harmonious textures, his work transports listeners to a different place and time.

Based out of Philadelphia PA, the positivity from The City Of Brotherly Love sweeps majestically through his work. Unafraid to test the conventions that restrain many artists, he is determined to fire the imagination in every way possible. Atmospheric, intoxicating, adventurous; all of these adjectives apply & yet none of them can describe Avdrav in isolation.